The Wild Collective is a gathering of …my life. The ups, downs, the inspirations and drives, the fandoms, the real and the authentic. It’s a collective home of all the things and people I’ve fallen in and out of love with, all the stories of my life that I can remember and feel comfortable enough sharing. It’s a home for my inner thoughts to live outside of my head…they’re not doing much good stuck in there anyway.

I’m a Big Plans kind of person, a proud heart on my sleeve wearer and a self-apologist who’s trying so hard to break free of that.

In short, TWC will be a hub of all the bits and pieces that have come together to create the very human I am today. All I hope for it is to resonate and all I hope for myself is to be seen, to be known and to feel a little less alone than I did before.

If that’s your bag (& if you love podcasts…), then stick around. Have a coffee and hazelnut biscotti or a crisp white wine, either or, I just want to spend a little time with you.

j x