I look forward to these top 5 blogs as soon as the final week of a month approaches – they’re a good cap to the last thirty(or so) days and a quick glance into what makes me tick. Which, okay, I know could be said of this entire blog, but I think you understand what I mean.

So, having run another poll on my twitter last night, this was the winning result (by a landslide): Top 5 tv shows! This, like all of my whittled down lists, was t-o-o-ough and I need to, without a doubt, include a few honorable mentions at the bottom of this post. Because I love and have loved way too many shows and I’m allowed to add in whatever I deem worthy, so. #neah

How did I choose my final five and what separates these top tier occupiers from the not-so-lesser honorable mentions? Well, current-day obsession level, really. Allow me to explain. Like movies and novels/fanfics, I always ask myself a few questions when considering any list favorites: Do I obsess over it, if so, how long? Do I read or write fanfiction dedicated to it? Do I search the internet for weak spoilers (ie. not enough info to actually spoil me but just the right amount to get a taste for the following weeks episode)? Do I chat with family and friends or anyone within reasonable conversational distance that will listen to me about it?

I’m positive that you know me well enough by now to predict my selection processes, so I’ll cut it off there and leave the rest to each shows explanation. Onto the list!


Dean and Sam. Sam and Dean Winchester. This. Show. It’s entering its twelfth season in twelve days with no signs of stopping. I am proud to to call myself a diehard fan for the past decade+. Which is insane to say out loud – this show has seen me meet and fall in love with A and give birth to Bella and everything in between. But enough nostalgia. Why do I love this show? It has everything I adore: sacrifice, redemption, betrayal, heart – so much bleeding tearing apart heart and much, much more. I’ve read thousands of words of fanfic and written thousands of my own in honor of this show. And though it’s been a long while since I’ve dedicated pen time to the Winchester duo, and my beloved Castiel, I’ll never get over it. I’m a Dean girl, a Castiel adorer and Sam appreciate-r. Long live SPN!

Game of Thrones

What can I say about this show that hasn’t been said ad nauseam already? Despite this fact, I’ll try. GoT is…an epic. One great long adventurous epic that shatters and leaves you a weeping, begging mess left lying on the carpet each week, pining for more. A very “Oh, the humanity!” vibe, if you will. And a vibe I absolutely worship. Now, being completely honest, I’ve never read any fanfiction or written any for GoT but I have started reading the actual novels recently because of my love for the show. And that counts, right? It does. So, that help it cover the spectrum completely. Also: dragons.

Breaking Bad

Walter White. Walter Hartwell Fucking White. I am still, to this very day, blown away by the brilliance of this show. It was the best of the best when it comes to all components needed to construct a fantastic television experience: writing, acting, directing, photography and lighting and so on. It deserves every award it has ever received and all the songs of praise. It truly has earned those awards and more. I came into the series late, unfortunately, but I binge watched on the edge of my couch and cried and had my heartbroken and rooted for the bad guy before changing my mind and hating that bad guy only to feel guilty for that bad guy again. It was magnificent. I will never, ever forget the impact this show had on me. Time for a rewatch, I think…

The X Files

Oh, this beautiful show. This beautifully quirky, brilliant, hilarious, thought-provoking, amazing show. Mulder and Scully are two names I’ve lived 2/3 of my life with and they’re a part of me now and will remain that way forever. I won’t forget Scully’s sighs or disbelieving eye-rolls, or Mulder’s too-fast speeches imploring his partner (ie. love of his life) to believe him at any given moment on any given episode. These characters were challenging and intelligent, creative and scientific – the ying to the yang, if you will. Perfection. Oh, and Vince Gilligan was a series writer. Recognize that name? Yep, you know him from Breaking Bad. Genius runs long and deep with that one.


Say this in your best Arthur Mitchell voice: “Dexter Morgan.” shivers eternally Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer from season 4, is who I’m speaking of, played by none other than John Lithgow. But I won’t say anymore there. Watch the show if you’re curious. Or if you want to watch a great series where you fall in love with a serial killer and…root for him. Imagine that. Because that’s precisely what happens. You watch and identify and you justify and rationalize away the psychotic actions of a deranged killer because…what he does *is *somehow right. Phew. See? Amazing. I miss it dearly. And for the record, I’m one of the few who adored the series finale – I *understood *it, and if you’re offended by that, then clearly you didn’t. Which is neither my concern or my problem! Excellent show, excellent cast and with twists and turns that will leave you reeling for years.

There they are! Top 5 tv shows. But wait! There’s more. The Honorable Mentions list, as promised above. I love too many shows and cannot deny that affection. Plain and simple. Oh, and there’s a lot. And probably some I’ve forgotten. But, I couldn’t leave these out of this blog post.

Discuss: Any of these your favorites? Let’s chat!

The HMs: (in no particular order)

• Roswell

• House

• Smallville

• Vice Principals

• CSI: & CSI: NY

• Lost

• True Blood

• The Sopranos

• Sex In the City

• Stranger Things

• Homeland

• Friends

• Law & Order: SVU

• Bones

• The Office

• Parks & Recreation

• True Detective

• Better Call Saul

• Glee

• The Killing