I won’t utter the saying everyone in the world blurts out when talking about apps. I won’t do it and you can’t make me!

But…it is true. If there’s something you need to make into a list, a life hack to-do guide, or a health checker and tracker, you can definitely find an app that will suit you.

See, there are ways of saying IT without actually saying IT*.

So, surprising no one, I’d like to share my list of favorites, and a brief description as to why I love them in this here blog post!

Note: Some apps I’ve had since their release date; as an iPhone user from generation 1, I’ve no doubt downloaded, and then deleted, a digital metric ton from the Apple App Store. Somehow through the years though, a few have lingered on long after their competitions have gone the way of the dinosaur.

But let’s jump right on in with both feet, shall we?

#1 VSCO Cam


I adore this photo editing app a little more than I should openly admit to, in all honesty. The user interface, or UI, isn’t the easiest to pin down, but once you’ve got the flow of things, all’s well that ends well with this app. With tons of editing options available to you (exposure, contrast, fade, tint, vignette, etc.) plus in-app purchases to add even more filters to your catalog, you can’t, and won’t, find an edit you don’t end up adoring. My favorite feature: Gallery filtered views—you’re able to see either All Images, Unedited Images and Edited Images by toggling a tab, which then brings those categorized photographs side by side. This helps immensely when trying to build a photography style that’s unique to you.

#2 Instagram


First I MUST say that their new logo is SPELLBINDING. It’s beautiful, sleek and inviting, so mega kudos to you, Insta design team! Second, this is an app I’ve had thru several iPhone generations; it’s easily become a staple for me, not to mention a favorite past time. Nowadays though, Instagram has grown into a hopeful venture in this age of digital notoriety (still working on this one!). I’m slowly (snail-pacing it) building a brand and while the stitching is loose and jangly, the threads are all there. My favorite feature: The sheer SIZE of its community is staggering. I won’t go into numbers but everyone is on Instagram these days and for the most part, it’s a positive, encouraging and inclusive environment. I look forward to the climb up with this one!

#3 Adobe Spark Post

SUPER CREATIVE MEGA FUN. And, oh what eye-candy fun it is! With an endless swatch-book of colorful filters, font options, borders and banners, plus the hundreds of pre-made designs to choose from if you’d rather not build your own (I tend to always build from scratch!) this app has it all for the secret designer in you. I use it mainly to edit Mark Hamill headers for my nerdy Twitter account, but just recently I lazed it up and edited a pre-made design to suit my other photography business! So I cheated but …not really. 😉 My favorite feature: There’s always always always something new. Some new color, new font, new design add-on, just something and I love discovering it one session at a time!

#4 Streaks

This one is a baby to me; I downloaded Streaks a couple days back, added a few tasks I’d decided I wanted to repeat 3-4 times per week and bam, that’s that. It’s easy to use, hounds you (politely) with notifications to remind if you haven’t yet completed anything for the day and the design is quite lovely to look at. Added bonus: a paired app (same name) on the Apple TV allows you to create an exercise profile and link it to your iPhone app. Streamlining people, I’m into it! I’ll be sure to follow up with a future blog post on how I love (or don’t love) this app the more I get used to it! My favorite feature: Keeps me from being a couch slob! 😉

#5 Pinterest

Since starting The Wild Collective back in April, I’ve become slightly obsessed with pinning flowers, whales, pretty quotes and images that scrrrream wanderlust. So obsessed that I’m already over 1300+ pins—eep! Anyway, it’s clear I love this app. I’ve taken to carefully selecting saved images based on their tone and styled edit and am slowly growing a lovely lil following. This makes me happy as a clam when everyday I tap that icon and see all the gorgeousness in my feed. My favorite feature: The user profile page—it shows the latest pins of yours with the snippet of bio above–it just looks so pretty my heart kind of cracks open because of it! Only drawback to this app? When uploading your own pins, it takes a while to get going. I always think the app has crashed but then it starts doing things and bam, I can select an image from my camera roll/albums and that’s that. Wonky might be a better term to describe that lag in time between “upload pin” and what comes after. 😉

So that’s that, lovelies: my top 5 favorite apps! Any of the above on your personal favorite lists? Feel free to shout out some of yours that I haven’t included above—I’d love to know!

*there’s an app for that. effff.