…or me, Jack. Or Eve, depending on which twitter handle you know me from (get to that


I’m wanderlust, through and through. But I’m a homebody by nature, terrified of roller coasters, but love the idea of jumping out of a plane – #paradox.

I love and I don’t love and I give and I don’t give. I’m complicated (who isn’t?) but feel like it could, maybe, possibly, resonate with others and so, here I am. I know where I want to go just not exactly certain as to how to get there. I’m hoping this blog–this wild collective of works and musings and random life battles and victories–will help light the way.

So where does that leave us? Well, I’m beginning at the beginning. You can follow my adventures here or on instagram:

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✨ + string lights are a current obsession. I want to shoot the sunsets through a filter of glitter and teeny lights and any chance I can, I will. This was the first after the moment of concept and I’ve since done a bunch I’ll share in another multi-post! Anyway, happy Wednesday, friends! How is your day going? It’s starting to warm up here and the days are longer... which means bike rides and sunny evening shoots on the way. 😽 __ #stringlights #portraitofheryouth #liveauthentic #itsadarlinglife #wanderlust #photography #iphoneography #photographerlifejournal #livetheadventure #liveauthentic #ofquietmoments #slowhomemoments #photographerstories #bythelight #paphotographer #lookslikefilm #vsco #littlethingstheory #bellagrace #instamood #peoplescreatives #lifeauthentic #vsco #awakethelight #moodygrams

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While you’re at it – share with me! Share your loves, dislikes, favorites, stories, dreams, fears (so we can squash them) and so on and so on.

Let’s change each other’s lives. Let’s live and let go and be free and so chest-burstingly open that all those inspirational words actually work to INSPIRE the fuck out of us.

We can do this. And who knows where it may take us? Where we may end up?