Hello all! I’m back with another roundup of random photos I’ve taken here and there. This is definitely one of my favorite ongoing series on the blog and it’s funny – The Wild Collective is only a year old, but my style of shooting and editing has already changed so dramatically. I owe a lot of it to really immersing myself into the medium as a whole and studying the work of others (something I should have done eons ago ?) but never you mind, I’m there now! Speaking of, if you have any photographers that are your ABSOLUTE MUST SEE, please send me their links! I’d love to check them out and critique their work …what, I can’t help it. University taught me how to be *that *guy when it comes to art!

Onwards to the photos, shall we?

More sparklers! This was part of the shoot I included in the first ‘photography’ post but there were so many, I couldn’t help myself. So, now you get this + two more because I CAN. And really, they remind me of summer and the 4th of July and I’m all about both of them this year. Which is odd, considering I typically shy away from all things summertime related. Either way, good vibes abound!

This is a pure study of lighting here, and I adore it. Yes, I adore my own photograph. Who knew that was even possible?! Anyway, A is lighting the sparklers in this one, and lit only by the light of the 8-something-pm twilight glow. It was beautiful, really. On his arm, fingers, the glass and a part of his lips – I wanted that light to stay forever even though I was worried it wouldn’t have been enough. Sometimes, I worry needlessly. (Okay, all the time.)

And then the sparks were flying and it was good. The product of the second photograph in this post, and once again, I fell deeply in love with the lighting. The reds, blues, even the blown-out bits that are usually a technical no-no. I kept it and love it so. I’ll definitely try experimenting with this look again in another month or so, but for now, I’ll just think fondly on these few photos.

Time to bring more people into it, don’t you think? This is my older sister during a winter-time walk we had taken a few months back. She doesn’t really love having candids taken of her, but I of course, don’t care about that because A) I’m her younger sister & B) candids are the best. So she deals because she has to, lol. Good thing though with this – she loved it. 🙂

As a follow-up, here’s my sister’s daughter/my niece, Ava Rose. She’s a lively girl, always on the go and ready to pose the moment my camera meets my eye – Bella not so much, but only because, I suspect, she’s so sick and tired of it. She’ll come around eventually, of that I’m sure. But anyway, this is Ava being Ava – twirling around, jumping, happy. And I love it. #Thathairtho

Let’s finish on a bright, spring-y photo, shall we? This image is one of those, “I like it but not sure I like it THAT much,” situations. Because the bokeh is lovely and the colors are everything I crave, but the highlights are so blown that I kind of want to scream. Sure, I could have fixed it a bit more in post, but I wanted to show that sometimes we like things for what they are, and not what they could be. I know that might sound redundant given that the photograph *is *edited already, but still, I didn’t want to beat it to death with the Lightroom stick. Photographers get me, right?

There it is! As always, more coming to this series, so be sure to Subscribe so you don’t miss out on any potentially awesome photographs. (And a few that are just “alright!”)