It’s high time for another photo-dump! I’ve been exploring a lot more lately and with that, my Nikon has been a steady companion. So, enjoy! Thinking of making this a monthly feature – possibly including them as wallpaper downloads.

Would anyone be interested if I did this? Comment below! x

1: Mist

This one is getting printed up on a canvas and replacing a shabby old Ikea we’ve had hung above our fireplace for the last three years. I’m not one to ever boast about my work, but this one I actually fell in love with – it’s serene and moody and just so welcoming. Hey, Nikon, can I work for you officially? 😉

2: Reflections

Bella stepped out and onto a big rock in the lake, then threw her arms in the air – this was the moment she returned back from wherever her imaginations had taken her.  I love these little moments and will be heartbroken whenever she reaches an age that sullies such things.

3: No

Sometimes she’s fed up with my camera, or even me asking to take her ponytail out and be “fancy-free” for a little while. To not tie that beautiful amber-brown back or care about getting not-so-tiny-hands-anymore dirty – because she’s very particular like that. Every morning my daughter readies herself for school: socks, pants, shirt, frizz-free hair gel and a few spritzes of detangler. Every day she wears a ponytail. Like me. I’m not sure if this habit comes from her seeing me with a similar hairstyle everyday, or if she can’t be bothered, but it’s fun to see your child’s blossoming personality. To watch her grow. This shot was of the “I don’t want my hair down when can I put it back up, Mom?” vein. And I adore it.

4: Float

I want to kayak. And when I get my kayak I’m going to kayak all. the. time. The peace and stillness that must come from being out on the water, in your own little world is just…enticing. The older I get the more I long for this calmness, not because I don’t like the hustle of the real world or am ungrateful for all the hectic parts of parenting – quite the opposite, really. I just love slowing down and taking it all in. WIthin silence I’m able to think about my daughter and my love and where life might take me in x amount of years with a clarity that wouldn’t otherwise exist elsewhere. So, a kayak on a lake is the ultimate, for me. Or standing on the cusp of the Grand Canyon. I’ll accept either-or. 😉

5: Red

Sigh. Just, happy happy sigh. Here’s to stillness and cloud cover and fog and overcast days. Here’s to the simple, slow days that are underrated and are all too often forgotten. I’m here to tell you that I won’t forget, not ever.

6: Rings

Ripples, rings, circles, softness. All surrounded by rocks, pebbles and stones. I feel as though there is a good life lesson to be said about this photograph and its implications: Be hard but go softly at life – don’t crumble when you’re made to withstand hurricanes, but don’t go out of your way to break others down because they haven’t learned this about themselves yet. Be kind but take no shit.

7: Upside Down

The bottom of a canoe with three little fallen leaves lying atop it. I love this. More simplicity, more stillness.

8: Precipice

It’s out of focus and I don’t care. Because it is perfect and moves me. I catch her sometimes, watching the water and standing still, taking it all in. And how wonderful a thought? A seven year old child, taking time out to appreciate the world around her. Perhaps I’ve gotten it right as a mother. x

9: Rainbow

Bella Madison. The light and color and everything good in my life. x

And there you have it. I went with one day of shooting versus a mish-mosh, but I’ll eventually post a bunch from over the years, because my catalog is ENORMOUS and I can’t keep hoarding. I hope you’ve enjoyed these – I think I need to print a bunch and paper my walls with them because, and it’s okay to admit this, I actually love the work I’ve done here.

I’ve never said that before. x