No, I’m not over here chatting about the explicit sort of vibrations – get your mind out of the gutter, kids.

But what does “being a vibey person” really mean? How does it affect my everyday and how can I trick my brain into not creating a false sense of entitlement or disassociated belief system?

If you’re scratching your head, allow me to explain: The false sense of entitlement can, and has, arisen in the past because of the type of “vibesy” person I’ve become. Simply put: I feed off of the “vibrations” from others; if a person is mad, I’m mad, if someone is happy and bursting at the seams with goodness, I’m that way, too. But in a world of digital communications and social media statuses, I get my signals mixed more often than not; if a person doesn’t respond to a text or DM or message, I immediately sense something is amiss. Clearly I did wrong, or said wrong, or blah blah me is wrong.

Suddenly I start to assume that I’m owed something to calm those bastard worries – be it that text, DM, or message – and when it doesn’t come, my entire well-being is laid out on the chopping block.

Dramatics are a bitch, I know.

I know this silence doesn’t denote affirmation that anything actually might have happened but it’s the fact that I don’t know if anything has happened – ie. I’m being ignored – that leads to a tailspin.

Because I use what are essentially non-existent emotional frequencies to perceive how others may view me, I in turn, channel that residual energy to either build me up, or tear myself asunder. Dramatics Part II.

There’s a gift-wrapped me-mentality for ya.

So, how does one combat something like this? How can I trick my brain into believing it’s “literally all in my head,” because it is. Is that possible? Surely it stands to reason that this character flaw – and that’s what it is in my case – developed over a long period of time. Which means I can find a way to reverse it, if I’m doing my maths correctly.

But again I ask…how? Do I feign happiness in the face of obvious ill-will and push through rejection with a smile on my face? Do I keep on as per the norm until I finally get the answers I’m far too afraid to ask the questions for? Or do I just continue on in this vibration-driven lifestyle and pray I’m never right? Where I hope everything is okay while simultaneously knowing it’s not and live my life being wholly un-fine a lot of the time.

Is that fair to me? Is it fair to the people I’m close to?

I know how I treat others and my sense of loyalty is a lot more intense than most people are accustomed to, but does that make me a clingy, needy person that’s undeserving of the same? Or merely a good person overrun by misguided emotions? I don’t know. Perhaps both.

Any insight would be a pleasure. Does this happen to you? If so, how do you handle the undue, self-inflicted stress?

Because wah.