So here goes Part II of my favorite beauty products and recommendations. I’ve also decided to extend this series further to include skin care, which will be coming later on. That will include skin mists, moisturizers, makeup wipes and more, so you won’t want to miss it!

Let’s cut the chatter and get right back into it, yes?


Hi, I’m Jackie and I have a problem with buying too many eyeshadow palettes. No, it’s a problem. I have at least 6 palettes and 10 loosies just shoved into the corners of my grossly inept makeup storage solution. I would take a photo of that but honestly, I’m way too embarrassed and you don’t need to see it. So until I figure out the best way to display my goodies, I’ll leave that to the wayside for the time being.

For this blog, it was torture to whittle down my collection of palettes to only two favorites – a nearly impossible task, I must admit. Despite the heartache, I did it: And here they are! The first and my go-to for any occasion is the Urban Decay Naked2 palette. These color and pigments are so yummy and shadows blend, mix and most importantly, stay for the entirety of the time you wear them. I bought this product a while ago and almost always default to it, and make a point to never repeat the same look twice. Because life is simply too short for that particular vanilla cone, let’s be honest. The other thing I love about this is the brush that comes with it – it’s incredibly easy to clean, comfortable to use and blends better than any other brush I previously had on hand. So ace product all around!

The second on my favorite list is the Nubian Palette by Juvia’s Place (& it’s on sale right now, so go go go!). This palette is full of some of the prettiest colors that work and blend so nicely together – I mean *that copper color, *come on now! The only drawback to this item is its fallout – certain shadows in the set only need a brush dab or two before the powder gets very loose and overwhelming. So a little goes a long way. Other than that, for the price point, it’s a steal! I love the branding, packaging and name of the product, too, which again, shouldn’t determine whether or not I want to buy, but for me it’s the little things that count.

- - - - - -


Baby Wild Collect used pencil eyeliners from day one, and continued to do so all the way up until 2015, when I finally took the plunge and learned how to use liquid eyeliner. It was messy at first, and I practiced until my hands cramped (that might be dramatization), but eventually I nailed that wing. First thing I learned when switching was that pencil eyeliner sucks. Plain and simple. It smudges after an hour or so, makes my eyes water from the tiny bits that flake off and end up irritants and you almost always have to reapply. Now the waterline in your eye is excluded here, because liquid obviously doesn’t do a great job on that. So I fill in with pencil and then use a brush to smudge out underneath to complete the “smoky” look.

First up on the list is the Tarte Limited-Edition Tarteist™ PRO Glitter Liner in Rose Gold (try saying that 5x fast!). It’s BEAUTIFUL. You have a creamy rose gold liner on one end and a sparkly rose gold on the opposite. It stays on, looks shiny and bright and pretty and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The only drawback is that it’s a bit finicky to apply, in that you need to do a few passes with the applicator to really get that full look, otherwise it’ll be too sheer and get lost in the mix! Also, I’m listing my fun favorites for the time being but if you’re curious to know my go-to for everyday wear/black, it’s also by Tarte, their Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner in black, which I know is not technically liquid, but it’s not a pencil either so nyeah. Anyway, the next favorite is by, you guessed it, Tarte again. It’s their Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner in copper color and oh, it’s just so beautiful! It’s thick and applies easily and looks absolutely stunning with almost any smoky-eyed look. And it *lasts. Like, it’s the last thing to come off after wearing it all day, lasts. The final on this list (for now!) is the Lush Cosmetics Fantasy Liner in gold, because I’m kind of a hoe for all things sparkly when it comes to makeup on my eyes, lips and cheeks. Okay, my entire face then, whatever. It seems that I love gold, too, be it rose or regular.

I’m throwing in my ultimate favorite mascara here as well, which is Tarte’s Limited-Edition Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-in-1 Mascara, because I searched for YEARS for the right one until finally taking the dive with this one. I used Two Faced’s Better Than Sex prior to Tarte’s, which always left my lashes looking (& feeling) gunky and dirty, versus ya know, the other good way. I’ve used all drugstore brands as well – Maybelline, NYX, L’OREAL, etc. and none of them ever did the trick for me. So thank you, Tarte, for literally every product you make. You’re magic paint and I love you.

- - - - - -


Oh, highlighting, how I’ve fallen so in love with you over this past year and I’ve only just begun to know you! But really, this “snatched, highlighting for the gods” look is all the rage in the makeup community and I absolutely adore it. These products will make your cheeks glow and flash and shine and blind because that’s all they’re made to do. But, and here’s the fun thing, you can use them as shadows a well, which is also hella fun. I know some brands recommend against this as the chemicals they’re made with may irritate your eyes, but most of the brands I shop are cruelty or vegan, so I typically don’t run into that problem all that often.

First up is my shine bright everything: Anastasia’s Moonchild Glow Kit, because it’s exactly what it sounds like: a celestial palette of brilliance that transcends your face into the lunar orbit. Or, something like that. Seriously though, it’s stunning and the colors are so pigmented that it takes hardly any brush strokes at all to get exactly what you need. *Pro-tip: you can dampen your brush with a few sprinkles of water to really get your shadows or highlighters to adhere to the bristles and enhance your look two-fold. *I cannot say enough about this product – and for the holographic lovers out there, myself included, it’s all you need. Second on the list is Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost in peach goddess. Oh, Jeffree, I adore you. You were my first makeup artist I obsessed over and I love you still. I trust his opinions and his products are stunning. This one included. It’s pigment is plentiful and it goes on and stays on all day, making your cheekbones and t-zone looking flawless. Third and last, for now, is Two Faced’s Candlelight Glow – the photos below are my actual products but they have since discontinued that line and replaced it with the current link in this post. Either way, they’re lovely, long-lasting and the colors are very pretty for either the natural or tamed look.

Next was my favorite blush, which has since been updated. Sadly, I haven’t had time to snap any photos of my new love, but Two Faced’s Love Flush in your love is king color is quite great. This is also a replacement of the what I currently own, and I tried my best to match my color with the link above. And again, like the replacement highlighter, it is a great all-around item that follows the suit of a “little goes a long way.” I will eventually test out the newer products mentioned here, but for now I’m confident that they do the trick as well as their formers! Also, that little heart brush is AWEEE!

- - - - - -

And there’s Part II! There’s still lipsticks, glosses, etc. left to go, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on Part III! Like always, I would love to hear your thoughts & if you currently use any of the above – or plan to! 

*Not the garden tool. 😉