How do we celebrate three whole months of heat, humidity and sidewalks that burn the skin on our heels when we daringly walk out onto them?

Well, I don’t know really, but I was hoping that writing up a list of achievable goals might help me (us) get into the groove of things. You may be asking yourself why it’s important, or why it matters, why this season garners all the blog attention.

Parents around the world have already answered this question time immemorial: Summer Break.

As in, school break.

As in, child is home…with me full time for three whole months and I must fill it with productive and educational fun but also manage to retain a firm grip on the responsibilities I have with myself.

This includes blogging, writing and of course, tweeting Mark Hamill mildly inappropriate, yet tastefully crafted, images I’ve discovered around the internet. If you’re curious as to what I mean, visit the Google gods and use your imagination with the keywords. You won’t be disappointed…

Anyway: Summer break, Summer goals, Summer simmering, Summer bummer, honestly. I’m a Fall, Winter kind of girl. Give me crunchy red, orange and brown leaves any day over bikini tans and post-8:30 pm sunsets. I love crisp cool air and snuggly hats and puffy coats and campsites and ghost stories told over burnt marshmallows that smell faintly of wood.

Ahh dreams

But no, I have 90-ish days of sweating my tatas off and complaining about 90–100º weather while being stifled inside the house. FUNCOMFORTABLE, much? (Thanks to Chris Hardwick for the brill term…go watch his comedy special on Comedy Central, it’s hilarious!)

So how do I not only survive the swelt, but thrive in it as well? How can I make magic from so little time and too many chances to be lazy?

Are there apps I can use? Or would archaic hand-written lists be better in this situation? Or perhaps ‘winging it,’ as one might say, giving neither care nor preference for how the days go?

I suppose D: all of the above would work, but that might leave me scatter-brained. And we all know what happens to Jack when she gets scatter-brained. Hint: fetal position, couch bound, lots o’nothingness.

Like most of the women in the world, I’m sure I’ll take to Pinterest to sort my days out 98.4% of the time, but for now, here’s a loosely put together list of how I can improve my health, stay sane with little to no “personal” time and have wild adventures with my family…

Unsuck Summer List, 2016:

  • Go outside without shoes or sandals or flip-flops! Feel the grass beneath our feet and enjoy it—it’s far better than hot cement!
  • Go to the pool! We pay an obscene amount in rent to live where we live and it comes with pool access that WILL be used this year!
  • Take walks, bike rides and run around—do more activities but for a lesser amount of time. Little one has porcelain skin so I need to limit her exposure to the sun… My Italian heritage gives me an edge on this one though…
  • Visit the beach, the woods, the mountains—no school means no obligatory “need to be in bed by such and such time” rules, which lends more freedom for exploratory opportunities!
  • Wake up at a set time every day. Exercise at a set time everyday. Make time to write, to edit, to photograph and to read. (This will require a bitchin’ new scheduling planner, so if anyone knows of a good rec, send it my way!)
  • Crafts, DIY projects, etc.! Get her mind working and thirsty to learn more while actually wanting to learn more! Keep it fun and uninhibited, so as to not let her “oh this is like schoolwork, isn’t it?” mentality run rampant!
  • Wine me up. Treat myself to a glass of wine a few times a week—I need to loosen the reigns a bit and have some fun myself!

Clearly it’s not rocket science I’m attempting to create here, as they are all fairly simple, obtainable goals. And who knew? I’m excited now—I’ve excited myself into summer of the very first time!

So here’s to the ocean and sandy beaches and fruity drinks and the smell of sunscreen and chlorine and happiness!

Discussion: What do you do to keep busy during summer? What do you and your little ones do together? I’d love to hear!