Day 2: Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

When I was twenty, I was dating a boy on and off for the better part of two years – but this story isn’t about him. Rather, it’s about his lovely mother, who to this day I’m still fond of – wherever she is out in the great big world. Him, meh, not so much. Anyway, said mom was a dance teacher alongside her day to day “real” career, which I’m sorry to admit has since left my memory banks. It’s the dance job that is the important part here though, so never you mind the rest.

So, there I was one Autumn day at eighty (!!) pounds lighter than now but a lot more moodier, “hanging” at his house. We had lunch or what have you and then I waited on his living room couch while he went upstairs to get dressed for work. His mom was sat at the kitchen table doing homework, I believe, and wasn’t really paying much mind to me – not that she was being rude, just preoccupied with her schooling and that was that. Eventually the silence must have gotten to me, as it does still to this day, and I thought it smart to stand my lazy butt up and go have a chat with her. So, I did. Only as I stood up, I arched my spine inwards (towards my gut) and “performed” what I suppose now could have been a graceful move, and stood into a stretch.

I kid you not, she rose from her table, tossed her pen down onto it and came over to grip me by the shoulders. “You’d be an amazing dancer – that was absolutely gorgeous what you just did there. And all you did was stand.” I laughed and then shrugged awkwardly and thanked her for the polite insight. She let me go, winked and then by that time, my ex had bounded down the stairs and it was time to leave.

I’ve never forgotten that moment and I doubt I ever will. No one ever told me I was good at dancing and though I always believed (and still do, lol) that I have an innate natural talent for it, like a lot of things in my life, I never did pursue it. But hey, at least there was that one person who thought I’d have been exceptional at it, right?