I tweeted Mr Mark Hamill late last night and to my utter surprise, the legend himself liked. the. tweet.

Look here, I’m not making that up either…

To begin, Mark is very active on Twitter, and by active I mean, the rockstar of Twitter. He invites a daily barrage of mentions from his 1.1+ MILLION followers (internet know this: we are called #Hamsters now, and damn proud of it) and his personal tally of tweet likes is nearing the 65k mark …zing. And he is absolutely hilarious! Feel free to fight me on this if you think otherwise.

To give more insight… I’ve taken it upon myself to categorize the content of his tweets into the following:

  • Sassy – (it’s MR DORK to you)
  • Informative – (Star Wars BTS, Joker info, theater performances)
  • Supportive – (charities & heartwarming hospital visits)
  • Lovey-dovey – (when talking of his wife & children)
  • Frisky – (NSFW fan art, photos & such—these are bushels of fun)
  • Fanboy – (The Kinks mainly, but also The Beatles & lots more)
  • And yes, Moody – (because: human, despite his legend)

But above all of that is his mind-blowing capacity to care about what people say and share with him, not to mention the monk-like patience to take it all in stride. Before I go any further: I don’t claim to know Mark personally because I don’t, which sucks, but being a fan is more than enough for me, so that’s that.

And PAUSE—you may be wondering why I’m writing an open appreciation letter to Luke Skywalker. Well, here’s a couple personal reasons, and while they may seem the standard for social media, for me they make a world of a difference.

I started following @Hamillhimself a while ago with a different Twitter account that is currently collecting digital dust; up to that point I had never put much stock into celebrity accounts because 1) I thought it was a waste of my time and theirs (why would a celeb bother chatting with me?) and 2) you never really know who is running the account to begin with. So I steered clear and tweeted my mundane life tweets as we all do.

Then I happened upon Hamill’s account and WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT? The more I read his tweets/replies, the more it was apparent that an actual human being was tweeting other actual human beings. And to boot: he so happens to be a gigantic celebrity? How lucky to be alive in this age… I mean, honestly.

So I quick-clicked that F button back when he was Mark-Hamill-from-the-Simpson’s-episode user photo and a mere 200k+ followers in his digital bag. Then I sent my first tweet, not expecting a damn thing… and the man liked it.

I’ll say that again: Mark Hamill liked the first tweet I ever sent to him.

My reaction when the Twitter rocketship left earth and headed straight towards the outer rim? Well, you can ask my fiancé. In the off chance you don’t ask A, this is a breakdown of what happened: I was sat on my couch, scrolling through my boring timeline when that miraculous mention bubble popped up and all emotional heaven broke loose. I shook like a crunchy Fall leaf and cried my stupid fangirl eyes out for a good ten minutes (maybe twenty).

What’d I do after that moment? The only logical thing, of course.

I posted the screen cap of Hamill’s like on Facebook and made all my friends and family green with envy. I mean, MARK LUKE SKYWALKER JOKER HAMILL liked MY tweet. How…what…really? No, CAN’T BE.

A few people (eyeballing my sister here) didn’t believe that it was really him behind the ‘lil Twitter heart button. Then I lovingly slapped her with some verified Twitter user knowledge and it was good enough to bring her around.

Anyway. I slowly started sending him tweets here and there, talking about this or that (usually Star Wars or Joker) and the likes kept coming in and to this day… they still do. Add in a few direct messages—this is the Hamill holy grail, FYI—and suffice it to say, I’m the happiest kind of fan that a fan can be. (I also co-own an account on Twitter that Hamill himself ACTUALLY follows, and that experience was nothing short of discovering the lost city of Atlantis…Sara from Me & Orla can confirm this as fact!)

What’s important to note here though, are not the actual likes or DMs, but rather Mark’s ability to give his attention and time to people he will, in all likelihood, never meet. On the whole, he won’t know who we really are, what we do for a living, or even what we look like in certain cases, and that’s okay. That’s simply our side of the fence versus his own.

So I’d like to take a few [more] moments and thank Mark Hamill for being amazing. No, really. That’s the correct word to use for the man. Mr H, you are amazing for giving us a bit of your time; we can only guess at how insanely busy your schedule is these days (VIII is filming, for all you non-SW groupies) and our/my appreciation runneth over. Thank you for being more open and honest than any other celeb. Thank you for the sass and the frisky and the funny and the lovey.

You inspire us with your kindness and you make us laugh until we stitch, and in the end, that’s the best part of connecting in this age of social networking, isn’t it?

So I have a small batch of requests: Keep pointing at us in leather jackets. Keep sassing the trolls. Keep being the Twitter rockstar you know that we know that you know you are.

And if by some miracle you happen to read this, know that I do so love the ugly blue sweater. 😉

j xx

*1st image: Photo credit to Star Wars/behind the scenes on Return of the Jedi.

*2nd image: Photo credit to Marco Grob/Time Magazine