I’ve been thinking a lot about intentions these last few days–what mine have been, what I intend them to be in the future. And of course, quotes such as “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” or “Our intention creates our reality,” come barreling into my brain without a pause to catch my clichéd breath.

For me though, both of those ring as absolutes. I’ve done a lot of good for a few bad people, knowing it will lead to nothing but heartache and, yes, the occasional case of nasty betrayal. But my intentions were good, and in my heart, I know that–I’ll know it always.

Yet I can’t help but wonder what other ways the idea that our personal and social intentions (not to mention our flippant use of the word and its slightly negative societal connotation) impact our lives on a grander scale. Are they conscious intentions or subconscious? Do we intend to do something or do our intentions dictate what we’re going to do?

On the flip side of that, I completely believe that without action, any intent or desire to do is run moot. We must act in order to achieve something, not merely intend to do it. Sounds simple and obvious and yet I’d wager that most of humanity doesn’t realize that one cannot fully thrive without the other. (Hint: I was one of those humans who intended, and all my ideas lived and died painful deaths in that type of hard-stop non-action.)

And this all should make sense now because of a recent break up I’ve had…with my part-time job.

Short story: I’m 32 years old and hated the job, so I left. Not so short story: I’m 32 years old and decided to start a brand new blog with intentions and action being the only things [truly] driving me in this new beginning. I want to share what my life is like and simplify it at the same time. I want to create with like-minded and genuine people who understand that the road to success is not, nor will it ever be, a straight path. I want to travel and learn and educate and to do this, I need to do the following: write and take photographs.

And there are my intentions and the actions I need to make in order to live out this adventure.

Oh, and if you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m pretty fucking scared about all of this, to be honest.

But I’ll break out of my silly, useless comfort zones and share and be vulnerable because why not? I mean to change my life and I will actively pursue this change… and yeah, okay, it might hurt and the scary won’t abate for a while, but at least I’m not waving at these moments as they pass by me.

So! Question to go-getters: how does this sit with you? Do you intend and act, or do you simply act and leave intent in the dust? I’d love some insight into your mindset because I’ve been reactive for so long now, it’ll take climbing Everest to convince my inner fears to shut the fuck up.

Share with me! Do you think me crazy for not having a solid backup plan (more on this idea later) or am I just the lunatic you’ve been web-searching for?