I titled this blog and immediately felt the rage.

And if you don’t know what “F4F” means, I’ll break it down for you: Follow for Follow. Or, I*’ll follow you [on Twitter, Instagram, etc.] if you follow me.* Or visa versus.

This is the DICKIEST thing about social media, second only to trolls and/or “free follow!” accounts. Dicky because this notion of only +Following others who do the same for you in an effort to increase personal numbers is slimy and, quite frankly, lame as hell.

But it’s run rampant amongst the Instagram and Twitter communities and given that I love both of these platforms, it kind of sucks for me. Sucks because I’m among the antiquated mindset that following accounts I enjoy content from, is the easiest way to be a happy lil Jack on the internet. Simple as that. If they don’t follow me back, then so be it. But not everyone feels as I do.

Pause: I do have one caveat to this though, and while it may seem like I’m playing into the F4F, or UF4UF (unfollow for unfollow, made that one up myself, I did), I promise you I’m not.

If someone follows me, I go and check out their timeline, scope their bio links, read some of their content, etc. If I like what I see, I follow them back. If after a period of a few days, usually a full week, I notice they unfollow me, content be damned, I go right back to their page and do the same. Why? Because I realize then that I was little more to them than a silent “F4F?!” and I won’t have that. I won’t be used as a number, thank you.

Again, this numbers game is slimy and makes me feel digitally used up and spat out. I wish I knew when this subculture within social networking and media began, because I’d go and scrub it out right quick if I had a time machine.

Which leads me to the bigger question: why do we crave follows, likes, clicks, high stats, and so on and so forth to feel important? To feel validated? Can we not exist in the cloud with low numbers, slow-moving site stats and little to no outside reciprocation? Is it even probable at this point?

The most confusing part of this is that we did it to ourselves, all of this needing, craving, wanting for attention, and now we pay the irksome price to the River Styx as a result.

It’s prevalent nowadays and clogs up the Twitter and Insta’verses with nonsense which means good blogs, like…ahem, get lost in the hurricane because of it. And yes, I did just pat myself on the back–WHAT OF IT?

I really don’t know if my writings or little journey blog will ever generate mass appreciation or skyrocketing Google Analytics stats. And yes, of course I’m hoping it does, but should this not happen, will it deter me from writing? No. Will it make me less of a person for not being received by x amount of online publications or reviewed/featured on popular blogs? NO. It means I’m not there yet, wherever there may be.

It means I don’t care about following ten thousand people in the hopes of three thousand following me back. It means I don’t play the game right and I most likely will lose.

But it means I’ll be happy and well-informed by the content I choose to indulge in, means I’ll be surrounded by like-minded brands and blogs and will be all the better off for it.

I cleaned all the nonsense out of my real life (yes this includes people), so why would I go and subject myself to it on a digital platform?

Anyway, I just want to thank YOU for being a real human being and following along on my journey. You may not agree, relate or understand some of what I post, but you’re here because you want to be. Just like me, for you.

Discussion: Thoughts on this? I feel like I could have raged on and on but my blog is about positivity and droning on in anger would demean that. So I didn’t. 😉