“The law of conservation of energy is a law of science that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only changed from one form into another or transferred from one object to another.”

Science, amirite?

Energy is the topic of the day and so I felt it was appropriate to quote fact before going into more new age-based theories.

As it stands, I’ve been thinking on this and how our personal output, or vibrational frequencies, affect our daily lives. What we emit, what we think or dream or hope, is translated and transformed every second of every moment into energy, and then expelled into the universe itself.

At least, that’s what I believe happens.

And sure, a lot of people might not buy into this ’new agey mumbo jumbo’ and that is completely fine! But again, it’s my blog so NYEAH, I’m going to write on it as fact because it’s what I feel to be true in my life.

To keep my reasons for the above statement simple: I’ve experienced far too much to say otherwise. Not necessarily “otherworldly” experiences but moments that have brought me to my knees, moments that have moved me beyond any sense of doubt. So even with such little information in the way of explanation, how could I not believe?

How could I choose to look the other way when a force, be it God or Angels or the universe itself, appears to be present and in certain cases, tangible even? It’d be an injustice to me and my soul, and faith, if I ignored the signs and carried on as if nothing came before and nothing comes after.

How bleak a thought, really.

…Don’t worry, I won’t turn this blog into a holy-rollin’ Jesusfest. Yes, I am Catholic, yes my faith is strong. No I don’t attend church regularly, no I don’t believe the Bible is meant to be taken literally and I’ve never read it cover to cover.

Now that we’ve moved beyond any chance for eyerolling, back to energy we go.

Whether or not you believe in a higher power is inconsequential, in my opinion. I feel one way, and everyone else has the right to feel differently; from either varying or vast degrees, it doesn’t truly matter in the end what you have faith in versus what your fellow woman or man believes. So long as you are kind, compassionate and understanding, I have no bones to pick.

That’s life and humanity—if it makes you happy and completes you (or makes you suffer from guilt over everything like my fellow Catholics and I) then it works for you and you needn’t care what others think.

Oh, if only the world could agree with me there’d be a lot less horribleness going around.

I digress.

So if science teaches us that energy is neither created nor destroyed, what does this mean for us? What happens in the event of our deaths, our births—our very existence? Perhaps we’ve always been and will remain always. Perhaps the scientists have it all wrong. Perhaps perhaps perhaps there is a Heaven and a Hell or another name to a place where everyone who’s ever been lingers on. I believe this.

Okay, went all religion on you again–forgive me (forgiveness is divine!).

I only know that there is something more to life, more to us, than just …this. More than just bills and car repairs and rent and mortgages and loans. More than 9-5’s and weekend plans and the mundane. I also know that the universe is too big, our planet is too small, our souls are absolutely endless and love is transcendent.

My entire self believes this to be fact, regardless of what rational thought implores of my mind.

Here, take a look at the most incredible digital diagram of the universe you’ll ever see (make sure you go from macro to micro, it’s unreal):

Scale of the Universe

So now, tell me: we’re alone? We’re here for desk jobs and credit card payments? For disease and crime and injustice? No, I don’t think so. I refuse to believe that.

Our energy is indelibly linked to the beyond and I don’t require empirical proof. Why? Well, because I’m neither an empiricist, nor a scientist. But also because I’m not conceited enough to think that my species of sentient beings is the only one to occupy all of the above. How arrogant must we be to believe that?

cue X-Files theme music

The truth is out there folks.

ANYWAY, the idea of our energy being linked to the universe was my written stepping stone to what we really must chat on: how this process affects us. How what we consciously and subconsciously put out there comes back to us, and in what form.

There’s a saying A loves to throw around: “Garbage in, garbage out.” He’s said it a lot over the course of our nearly 10 years together and up until recently, I never paid that much mind to it. But it makes absolute sense now.

If we project bad thoughts, bad outcomes, garbage per se, then the same comes back to us. If our thinking is that “I’ll never graduate, I’ll never get that job, that car, that dream trip, that blahblahblah…” then you never will. Simply put. It’s trash, those types of projections are garbage and the universe is listening to you–your every moment, every thought, every emotion. So what else could it offer to you in return?

That’s right: GARBAGE. You’ll never graduate, never get that car, job, dream trip…etc. Because the universe doesn’t believe you believe. Follow me?

I’m ashamed to admit my guilt over this: I put myself down, berate my shortcomings and challenge the notion that success could happen. For no other reason than, “I …don’t know, because why me?” It’s lame and useless and pointless and I’ve chosen to refuse that line of thought altogether.

The universe is big enough to allow me all things I dream and hope for. Big enough to offer me an opportunity to financially take care of my entire family for a change, so that A can create his startup and quit his fancy job. So that Bella can see the world and swim in water bluer than her eyes. So that my parents can retire early and argue over whether they’ll stay at their mountain lodge or beach home on any given weekend.

So that I can write until my fingers ache and cry because it’s all so fucking beautiful. And remember last week’s blog? What was it I said? Oh, that’s right: It can all happen.

And I’m putting that out there. Catapulting my positivity into the universe. Because I believe I believe I believe.

Now, we wait.
Discussion: What are you thoughts on this? Too out there? Would you like me to post more on this? Or rather, updates on the universe’s progress with me? Hah. I’d love to hear your thoughts and beliefs—hit me with it!