By day my better half works as a webdev, by night/weekends, A’s a seriously kick-ass videographer. He also teaches Final Cut Pro X via a popular Skillshare class and films wedding documentaries + a multitude of unrelated, albeit badass, video projects for companies you’ve heard of but I’m not allowed to name. insert evil cackle

Needless to say, the man knows his videos.

And me? Well, I know my photographs. But in case you haven’t guessed it by the iPhone video above and A’s grand entrance onto my blog, I’m snail-pacing my way into video work with simplistic, easy editing. My efforts, for the time being, are headed towards creating small yet moving pieces of film for the audience I’m growing here. And here only. I have no delusions of filming anything grandiose or stepping a single toe into A’s swimming pool.

Not that he’d mind, for the record. It’s only that I find filmmaking quite daunting in comparison to photography that I’m taking my time and keeping my goals within reach. Who knows, it may change in the future…


I will certainly lean up my guy and his wealth of video knowledge for future projects, but for today’s blog, I did a simple time-lapse of a nighttime car ride, added a slowed-down track for enhanced effect and slapped a vintage filter on it. Like I said, small and simple.

I enjoy this lil ditty for what it is—a lil ditty. Nothing more, nothing less.

As I was dreadfully ill all damn week, that’ll be it for now, but expect some exciting posts next week! Adventuring to the mountains with the family for some indoor waterpark fun, followed by waterfalls and deep deep forests.

My camera and I(phone) cannot wait! xx