The idea for this blog came to me via an Angels & Airwaves song, Letters to God, Part II (there's a Part I that's just as good, but that wasn't playing at the strike of inspo). The tune started, and thus filled the corners of my mind causing an explosive chasm of colorful visions that instantly made me paused and ask: what if?

So: What if we were able to write letters to our creator, our God, or whomever that is to you? Would it be an all-encompassing letter? Would we be free to pour our souls into every syllable and word so resolutely, so completely; no holding back, no lies, no dancing around the whispers that live on the edge of our hearts?

What would we say? What would you say?

Or maybe you wouldn't share anything. Maybe you would ask questions – why did this happen? Why did that person leave? Why does my heart feel so tired and empty? What have I done to deserve this? Why did what I thought was real...end up being not real at all? And on and on and on we might go.

Would you take the chance and roll the heavenly dice, knowing the potential that every unanswered gaping wound or every query lying dormant (but present just the same) might be given to you in its rawest, purest form?

Or perhaps we have only a single thing we're allowed to say, one question, one offering, one shred of light cut from your soul to give away and never take back – would you do it? Could you handle the truth of it all? The losses all over again, the facts – minus the gentle blows we often pair our goodbyes with?

Honestly, I sincerely want to know what you might do if presented with this celestial opportunity to say thank you, to ask why, or maybe to know just one thing.

A million scenarios, a million paths we could tread with such a fantastic fantasy... but which would you want the most and what would you share with these impossible letters?


{ Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur – December 2018 }