I’ve recently had a revelation. Or rather, had a revelation happen for me. Does that make sense? Imagine if you will: someone slowly cutting you from their lives, one bit at a time, hoping you don’t notice and salivating for you notice all at the same time. What do you do? What should you do? Well, you cut the tether, of course. You end the silly charades because who cares? They don’t matter or hold any influence on your life anymore, despite how unbelievable a concept that might seem. They just don’t.

And here’s the revelation: that’s okay. It’s okay to let people go. It’s okay to move on, move forward and leave the pettiness and memories behind. This type of constant negativity will find its home in someone else somewhere down the line, but it won’t be you any longer. And that. is. okay. You might not be innocent in the downfall, not completely anyway, but you know you did right by them every chance you had. You kept their secrets, you wrote kind words, you were an ear, a shoulder, a car, a house, a fucking doormat – but you said some things, too. You made mistakes and got hurt and sent poisoned arrows flying. And who knows if they ever landed, but I ask again: who cares?

You made the choice to be free from their darkness, even though you revel in a certain sort of night. You like the sad, angsty things, and yes, even feed on drama here and again, but not the kind that is vindictive and spiteful. Not the kind that seeks disaster and smiles as the buildings implode on themselves. You stay away from that – far, far away.

And you might have moments where the *before *tries to sway you, moments where you wonder if throwing away years of companionship, friendship, love and experiences is really the right thing. But remain steadfast and true: remember, it wasn’t you who trampled the rose gardens during full bloom.

So walk on, learn how to spot the ones who long so deeply for your dreams to lay forgotten in the gutters of creative failure. See through the insincere and come out the other end. It’s hard, no one will ever say this is easy, but walk on.

Walk on, walk on, walk on.