This will be my new adventure–my Journey, if you will.

A pathway blog, a dream and reality journal–choose what you will, all I know is I’m ready to turn this …whatever THIS is… into magic.

And I hope you join me.

*A taste of the few topics to be chit-chatted about: *

  • Being a mom (and alllll that it entails)
  • Lifestyles + my favorite material things
  • How social media can POSITIVELY affect our lives
  • How being a fangirl for Star Wars & Mark Hamill has changed my life (this will be a recurring theme)
  • Mentally redirecting your life/bringing positive energy into your everyday
  • Quitting real jobs to pursue your dreams as a 30-something year old
  • Photography! Art! Instagram!
  • BRINGING ADVENTURE TO THE FOREFRONT OF OUR LIVES because damn, we all need more of it

And that’s really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of where I hope to take you with this new and exciting (ad)venture I’ve begun!