Once again, I don’t mean it *that way. *Or maybe I do, I don’t know. But after two very in depth conversations with a couple of folks I am quite fond of, and of course the boycott Twitter event (to which I did not boycott, instead opting to share a story from my past), I felt …opened today. Now I’m not saying that I don’t often feel this way, because I do, despite how closely I play things to my chest. Remember kids, you never know who’s out there waiting to fuck up your day and then some.

But today was good and this is a positive blog as a result. About exposing who you are and doing so when the moment comes to you. Because those are the times when yes, it may feel unfamiliar and wholly unexpected but trust me, follow that path and see what may come of it. There’s nothing wrong with being open to another receptive human being – and really, sometimes we just need to talk. To be heard and understood, and there’s no fault to that. Because life is a giant mess of ups and downs and what if’s and who cares and so what’s and oh well’s that honestly, if you are willing and able, share. Share until you feel uncomfortable and then address that because you fucking can. Everyone has that one thing, that one tiny part of themselves that is hidden just for you. And I’m not asking you to throw it away or entrust it into another person’s hands, no. I’m only asking you loosen your grip and breathe and enjoy the people that are in your life.

I have so many wonderful souls in my tribe; some have faded from regularities that pull us apart naturally but they’re still permanently embedded in all those crevices I don’t dare name. Because I hold people long after they’ve let me go, and I’m alright with that. Because I know I was opened for them and gave them what was needed when they needed it. There’s no fault or wrong there, it’s just a delicate balance of the light and shattered bulbs.

And hey, I know there’s risk in exposing the little bells and whistles that ring on the inside to another – but there’s a risk in everything we do. A chance we might fall or fail or worse but what’s life without the silver linings? What’s living if we don’t share it with friends and lovers and the like?

So don’t be afraid, whether it’s your best friend, your partner or someone else, crack the door open and let the light in.