Day 22: Put your music on shuffle and post the first ten songs.

Oh, a fun blog after a few days of heavy! Keeping this one short and sweet and leaving it all about the songs, which, I’m going to apologize ahead of time. I have some crazy music on my phone and well, you’ll see…

shuffle is on

  1. OK Pal” – M83
  2. Perpetual (feat. Liz Navarra)” – Tony Anderson
  3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” – The Beatles
  4. Rocky” – Tiësto & Kaaze
  5. Never Let Me Go” – Florence + The Machine
  6. Just Like Fire” – Pink
  7. Without You” – Breaking Benjamin
  8. Same Mistake” – James Blunt
  9. The Flight of Apollo” – Angels & Airwaves
  10. The Lost Christmas Eve” – Trans Siberian Orchestra

*Of course *we had to end on the rogue Christmas song, which is one of my favorites, for the record. I saw TSO in concert twice and it is a powerful magical experience. If you’ve not had the pleasure, I urge you to go! Either way, I’m kind of alright with that shuffled list as a whole. It has a mix of everything I enjoy or love, with bands and artists I adore, so not bad gif I’m impressed.

Day 22: Done! What does your shuffled songs list look like?