Day 26: Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve.

I feel as though the last twenty-five days have been all about areas in which to improve myself and life, and yet here we are, cutting right to the chase finally! So what one thing should be *the thing *for this particular blog? Should it on my weight and a healthier lifestyle? Or perhaps my perspectives and the upending they need from time to time? Or how about my paranoia that anything I do is never good enough? I suppose I could continue to cherry pick, but I’d rather throw a new one out there and be done with it:

Getting over things that have happened to me or actions I’ve taken in the past. Either from a regretful point of view or one that just makes me cringe, I’m overwhelmed some nights by words I’ve said, things I’ve done – or the reverse. Meaning what people have done *to *me that I’ve allowed to happen. Because although control is never truly an option when it comes to being a human being, you can control how you let others treat you. And I’ve allowed people to disregard, disrespect, lie, cheat, steal and hurt me because…well, I don’t know why. But I did.

And that’s probably my area to improve upon: I want to move on from those haunting memories of what’s been done or what I’ve done, because they serve no purpose in who I am today. Save for maybe my propensity for writing angsty, sad stories. Not that my life is an angsty, sad story, just, ya know. We creatives draw from one experience or another when making art or work in general.

So yes, I’d love if that could happen. The ‘let go and move on’ mindset so that by the next day, whatever issues came to me today are long gone. That’d be a much simpler life, I think. Don’t you?

Day 26: Completed. What would you like to improve about your life?