Day 27: Conversely, write about something that’s kicking ass right now.

Well this one will be easy and short: WRITING. Writing has been so much fun and inspiring these past twenty-seven days and I honestly don’t know how I’ll cope once July comes around and my self-made committments are no longer there. I suppose I can create new committments but it won’t seem as …dire, if that’s the right word? No, dire sounds too serious. Strict! Maybe? That’s also rather morose. Either way, I believe you get the gist. It’ll be hard to not have that “gotta get this done by such and such time” pressure.

So yes, writing is kicking ass and taking names; I’m flying through chapters – some extraordinary, others not so extra – and my blog went from 50-some entries to nearly 80. It’s been a huge shift in dedication and I think I’d like to continue on in this way. Maybe not a blog everyday but one every two days for sure. Or until my brain tells me there’s nothing left and to give up and move on, you crazy wench! Ahem. See, there’s always content for the wobbly ones, such as I. And that is why I love writing so much – it never gets old, tired or boring. It’s a new experience each time I sit down with a prompt word or idea and flush it out. Feedback is lovely, too, of course, but not always necessary.

I think though, and it’s safe to say this, that what I will take away from this super-fast-month-of-writing is this: It’s time for the novel. I’ve proven to myself that I can do it, if I set my mind to it. And that’s exactly where I’m headed. I wanted to challenge myself with *each *of these challenges because they covered all facets of my life. From real life to fantasy, fanfic, I was able to write whatever my heart desired at the helm of a perfectly balanced ship. I’ll not soon forget this and hey, there are still 3 more entries to go!

Day 27: Ass-kicked. What’s ringing all the bells and whistles in your life currently?