Day 29: What are your goals for the next 30 days?

TO RELAX. Kidding, of course. The hustle and grind, and whatever other adjective one uses to describe always working, will never go. Even after this insane month of writing non.stop. But it does leave me thinking: where do I want to take things in the next 30 days? Do I want to continue on (at a more manageable pace) or take a small reprieve, loading up the camera with a healthy heaping of newer shots while enjoying the summer?

I think a little from column a, little from column b. I want to keep writing, but not from a “must must must” point of view. Maybe just a “must must” versus the other. Because staying up until 4 am 4/7 days has certainly taken its toll on me. So I’ll write and turn out content just as often but without the mental urgency because God forbid I let people down over on AO3! No seriously, I had that as my driving force the entire time. That and the sense of accomplishment, if I’m being really honest.

But for July? I want to get out there and take a lot of photos…travel to the beach or fields and mountains and get shots that have been bouncing around in my brain for the last, oh, 7 years. I have jobs to finish and an original fiction to work on, too. On top of a fanfic idea that has been outlined since May. I put it off purposefully and tested it this month with my readers to see if there’d be an audience for it – and oh was I greeted with a hearty welcome! So, that too.

Basically, writing and photography is what my summer looks like and I am all about that life. Consider me excited and ready, with a notebook on hand and my MacBook on my lap.

Day 29: Done. What are some of your upcoming plans?

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