image credit: HERE

Day 25: Think of any word. Search it on Google Images. Write something inspired by the 11th image.

The word I thought of was ‘sacrifice.’ It is something I think of often and write about even more so whenever it comes to tropes for characters and situations. Personally, I know what it is to sacrifice oneself in a lot of ways, and yet, not so much in others. So, yes. There was the word of the day! I plugged it into google and bam, that image above was the 11th one that popped up in the results for me.

As for writing something inspiring, I think the image itself *is *inspiring. Tells us to get out into the world, see it, experience it – *live *it. But more so, to take chance. Find yourself in different places, and even times, but to embrace the unknown with the confidence and assurance that it’s what’s meant to be. And yes, I know that’s “hokey” and perhaps I’m skating over an obvious spots-triumph-victory poster here, but that’s just not what this speaks of for me.

For the record it is NOT my image, as I’ve linked to the source above, but one day, I’d love to peruse desert landscapes and snap some shots just like this (only…in *my *style, which has been every other photograph on this site to date!)

And yes, I know I didn’t technically write “something inspired by” the image but I wrote what was inspiring ABOUT the image, and so that’s just fine by me. 😉

Day 25: D O N E. What’s your one word & image?