Day 28: Post five things that make you LOL.

Well…um, yes. Things that make me laugh out loud.. I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about it in such great detail, to be honest! But let’s try and analyze that which shouldn’t typically be analyzed.

  1. Comedians/Comedy specials. I *love *spending a night next to Andrew on the couch, where we pop some popcorn and watch an hour long special. This is especially good when it’s a show featuring someone I love, like Jim Gaffigan or Sebastian Maniscalco. I will laugh until I wee a little and I don’t mind it one. stinking. bit.
  2. Memes. Oh, lord, a good meme can hit me right in the funny gut and I can laugh for a loooong time! Andrew is really good at finding and sending the big hitters to me, too, so I’m almost always laughing at something on the daily.
  3. Parks & Rec. I miss that show *so damn much *for a million reasons but the main one is because of how ridiculously funny it was. I would literally laugh out loud and/or have tears falling down. The cast was incomparable and the storylines always made sense and felt natural, too. So funny AND smart.
  4. Twitter. I have daily conversations with amazing people (who are not things, remember) and I can’t thank this social media platform enough for bringing us all together. We have entertaining chats, exchange funny hypotheticals and it’s always something I look forward to! And yes, I have definitely gotten to that point where my belly aches from laughing so hard, so it deserves to be on this list!
  5. Haters. Oh, the haters. I can laugh over and over again whenever I think of them seething in their own little angry worlds. Even though they don’t think I can see them, I can, while they’re having a grand old time convincing themselves that they’re better than me or living the high life. To which makes me laugh and laugh and laugh 🙂 So please, continue on, because I love the giggles and it makes me feel better!

And there we have it! I know the last one can be a bit cynical but honestly, I’m too old to *not *laugh at it.

Day 28: Fin. What makes you LOL?