Day 12: Write about 5 blessings in your life.

Now *this *is a family blog. Because blessings aren’t things, they’re people and situations and perspectives. I’m sure I don’t need to explain that to anyone, but I’ve seen a few people write of the “ten things that make me happy” and they list people. People aren’t *things. *They’re people. Blessings. It’s okay to list video games and fanfic in the “things” category, it’s (in my opinion) not okay to lump Kal-el the pup into a list that should comprise of things. ANYWAY, let’s do this (no particular order, except for #1 – no one beats #1!).

  1. My daughter, Bella. She’s the sunshine in my pocket or the umbrella to my rainy day. She’s always so happy and fully of life and curiosity that I’m beside myself that she’s really *my *Bell. Of course she does irrational acts that stir a proverbial pot of emotions, and yes she’s not perfect, but I’m amazed by her and there’d be nothing if she never came along. The sun, the stars and all the galaxies inside of one person – that’s a blessing.
  2. My not-technically spouse, spouse. A is a reminder, daily, of all the best things in life. His level attitude, chill demeanor and optimistic disposition is everything to a person like me – who can be quite the opposite on any given day. He takes things in stride, or with a grain of salt and I’ve only ever seen him mad, maybe…seriously, once? And I can’t really recall why. A part of me thinks I might just be saying that to make him more human to you all, but honestly, I think I’m lying. He doesn’t let himself get ragey or knocked so out of sorts that there’s nothing but irrational emotion. Maybe he isn’t really human after all? 😉 Either way, he’s a huge part of my everyday happy.
  3. My sister. C is a lot like me, or actually, I’m a lot like her in a bunch of ways. She’s my older sister and it’s always been just the two of us. We weren’t really close growing up because of a 5.5 year age difference but the last 8 years have been this invitational to be* *both best friends and sisters. She’s determined and to the point and gets what she wants in almost all facets of life, whereas I’m fine to let things happen to me and then gripe when it’s not what I want. I *see *how I should be in her and I admire so much the way she can take on life and challenges by a combination of accomplishment and fear looming ahead – she worries what might be but does it anyway because there is no other way that to go through it. What a great example of what a sibling can be, truly.
  4. My parents. Both of them are 63 years young and yes, they’re still *happily *married. I wanted to stress the happily part because nowadays if you make it ten years, you’re bound to earn a badge of “I did it!” Which is so fucking lame. I’m Catholic, yes, and I do understand that sometimes divorce is the only option, yet I don’t think the mass public as a whole see it that way. They just get bored, give up and that’s that. It’s a sad how quickly love falls away and though I know I could go on for ages about why it happens or blame social media and the sneakery that is so easily accessible, let’s get back to Mom and Dad. They’ve been together since they were 16 years old, married at 19, had my sister at 23, and me at 29. They enjoy each other, understand the evolution of love and how it changes and grows year after year and really? There is no better example than that. I am lucky, so very very lucky to have had them show what it means to be together and stay together because you want to. Not because it’s convenient or easy.
  5. My best friends. DP, BS, ST – you’re all diamonds in a rough rough world. We are surrounded by piranhas that exist solely to feed on us – our emotions, our dreams, even our very well-beings. They want to destroy us not from the outside but from the inside, and sometimes, they win. But then there’s you three. And you all know who you are because I make no secret about my feelings for my besties. Or anyone, really. These people are the lights guiding me home, the ones that fix the broken pieces when all seems lost. And yes, I know that’s a lot of responsibility to place on another person, but A) I’d gladly do it for them if ever called upon and they know this, and B) I don’t exactly ask for them to help – they simply know when it’s needed. And that’s why they’re on this blog. They make life *better, *not bitter and they hold me to a higher standard that I’d otherwise do for myself. I love them, as I love everyone on this list, only in a different way. It’s not unconditional but neither is it conditional. It’s somewhere in the in between, where I accept and love them because of their flaws versus despite them.

Day 12: Finished! What are you blessings? Who moves you?