Day 30: Your highs and lows of the month.

Shall we start with the lows first and then progress to the highs? That seems more manageable, yes? I’ll keep it short and sweet, or, as short and sweet as I can, because I’m just as tired of these blogs as I’m sure you are – the three readers I have, anyway. 😉


  • Fallen into another summer trap where I accomplish nearly half as less as I should because my daughter is done for the school year.
  • This means no time to myself, no gym time, no writing time – save for midnight – and it’s already sort of sending me into a tailspin of worry from my lack of productivity.
  • I’ve slept for shit this month. Because of this ridiculous schedule, I’ve had to force myself to stay awake to fulfill 30 days of fanfic prompts and 30 days of blogging.
  • I did not finish nearly enough photo editing as I wanted *or needed *to and now I’m stressing over that.
  • Still haven’t traveled anywhere new.
  • Still driving the same shit car.
  • Still not gotten my new podcast/website off the digital floor yet and it’s driving me mad.


  • I’ve finished 30 days of blogging and 30 days of fanfic prompts, as of the completion of this entry.
  • I get to spend *a lot *of time with my daughter – which is simultaneously amazing and stressful, as we’ve seen above.
  • I’ve realized how much I can accomplish so long as I put my mind to it and don’t flake out.
  • I’ll have booked more weddings for next year than I ever have any years prior – so, that’s a huge deal!
  • I’ve been sort of promoted on the Star Wars podcast and it feels pretty great!
  • I wrote nearly 60k in 30 days and have no means or mind to stop now.

So that is June in a teeny tiny nutshell. I’m stressed out, down on myself (shocking) while very happy and mildly content. I must be a Leo, huh?

Day 30: D O N E. So, did you do this challenge? Did you follow along with me if not?