Day 13: What are you excited about?

I know this might sound silly – but I’m excited to complete these two writing challenges I’ve undertaken for June. 30 days of blogging and 30 days of fanfic centered around one fandom that I won’t divulge, just because it’s not really a thing I typically mention here. And it’s funny…

Even though I absolutely love all this writing I’m doing – I see changes and progress already and it’s only been thirteen days – the pressure can be fairly intense from day to day. I know I have a weekend full of being away coming up and my only thoughts are, BUT WHEN WILL I HAVE TIME TO WRITE?! I know, I care for my family and I’m happy I’ll get to see everyone but I’m determined to make this work and see it through to the end. I suppose I can just pre-write my chapters and blogs and schedule them to post and let that be that, but wouldn’t that defeat the challenge part of it? Or is that just semantics. I don’t know, I suppose we’ll see. Perhaps the family parties won’t be too long (lolol who am I even kidding, it’s MY family).

On the flip side of this excitement to complete the challenges is the excitement FOR them itself – I’m falling in love with writing with every word and I can’t express how happy and fulfilled I am knowing that I’m *finally *following my passion. It’s unreal and unlike any other “hobby” out there; why it took me so long to see this, to admit to this, is something I’m not sure I’ll ever understand. Either way, there it is. Excited to write, excited to finish and excited for the pressure – I must be crazy, huh? Although I wonder how I will fair with an open July and all the free time to write at my leisure.

Day 13: Done! What’s going on in your life that’s exciting?