Day 10: Write about something for which you feel strongly.

My first thought was: the 45th President of the United States and how much I #DoNotWant. But then it hit me that I also don’t want this blog to be political in any way, shape or form. So while I feel strongly *against *he who shall not be named, I will not speak on that piss-poor situation because I value my time and breath.

Instead, I’m going with acceptance. In all forms, in all ways. If you are not accepted for who and what you are, then my daggers get pulled and I’m searching for people to stick ’em into. I know, harsh, but my blood boils when I read stories – big or small – about people living half-lives or altering who they are to fit into the neat, pretty boxes of the people surrounding them. And listen, I know the world has a *ton *of problems far greater than acceptance, but doesn’t everything kind of, in its own way, relate back to it?

Whether you’re a woman, a man, Black or White, LGBT or straight, fat or thin, rich or poor, you should be accepted. If you’re in your 30’s and write fan fiction and daydream about red carpet premieres you’d long to be a star on, you should be able to share that with others and not feel judged. If you love Star Wars and Twitter, you shouldn’t have to create a false identity to fully enjoy yourself. Ahem. And yes, I’ve learned the hard way through a lot of pretend faces and I hate that I did that. Because I let what others MIGHT think of me affect what *I *think of me.

I know I’m not alone; people so often try to be everything else but who they are because of what the world tells them. There are so many artists, writers, makers, nerds, geeks, scientists, engineers, etc. that don’t ever accomplish all they should because of fear. Fear of judgement, or death in certain countries (not touching on this for now), is too great and so they settle and eventually turn into the thing they never wanted to be. It’s sad.

And yes, I’m aware of this all from first hand experience; I’ve lived that half-life and created those pseudonym accounts because I was afraid of what my “friends” might think of me, if they saw how nerdy or -gasp- happy I was to be surrounded by a tribe that accepts me. Despite having started part of my journey from this place of secrecy, I’m still very happy with how much it has taught me. And I’ll not be changing anything because it’s a part of me now. I *am *Eve to a degree, because maybe that’s who I was all along.

In keeping it short and semi-sweet, find the people who embrace every part of who you are. You could be an NYC lawyer who undoubtedly brings the fire when she needs to, and also be a genuinely funny, nerdy person who has a heart of gold. And that’s awesome. Find your tribe, find where you belong and fuck the rest.

Let the boxes stay square.

Day 10: Done! Only 20 more days. comes up for air