Day 6: Five ways to win your heart.

Another self-analyzing list of yours truly – are you utterly sick of me yet? I hope not, seeing as there are 24 days left to go!

  1. Avoid lying at all costs. This one is pretty obvious, but lying to me is the fastest way to end any good standing we’ve got going on. That’s not to say I won’t forgive, but I definitely will have a super hard struggle “buying” or believing any lines or excuses in the future from you. It sucks, makes everyone feel bad when it comes out – because it always does – and so just, don’t do it. I don’t care how hard or mean the truth is, just go that route above all others and it’ll be roses and rainbows forever.
  2. Support my fandom loves. This is a probably as big as #1 honestly. I know it may sound ridiculous but I spend a lot of my time fangirling; be it on the internet, through fanfiction or podcasting, it’s a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I know it’s not for everyone, I get that. But if you’re trying to win my heart (hypothetically, seeing as my heart’s been won out a long long time ago!), you need to get on board with my crazy fandom-obsessing heart. It’ll likely be the way I am until I’m in my late 90’s and going on and on about Dan Stevens as Beast still.
  3. Believe in my aspirations. This one should be a no-brainer. I have dreams – don’t try and crush them. Simple as that. And yet some people – people I used to be very close with (this is not limited to lovers) did everything in their power to dissuade those dreams, either to my face or by sabotage. Yes, actual real life sabotage. It’s happened to me from a few once-was’, but I smartened up and stopped giving them chance after chance to redeem themselves. There’s no redemption for the ones who betray you. Remember that life lesson and spare yourselves a whole world of pain (& $10k). Anyway! Yes. Support me, help guide me to my destinations but don’t try and lead my journey.
  4. No tea, no shade. Don’t talk shit or nonsense behind my back. Sounds so middle school and yet, I can’t help but recall a memory from not 2 years ago where this actually happened – in real time. In front of me. Once half of them realized they’d been caught, the back pedaling was real, folks. It’s so ugly to do this and honestly, it’s a reflection more of your inner issues than anything to do with me, so thank you, I guess? Anyway, I’m out and gone with this one. No time for bullshit at my age.
  5. Understand anxiety. This is a big one. I struggle with sporadic bouts of intense anxiety, sometimes leading to panic attacks and nights of insomnia that have me living as a half human for a few days. It’s bad, emotionally and physically yes, but if you can understand that it’s a real affliction, you’re able to be there and reserve judgement for other smaller, insignificant things (no one should judge anything you do, by the way, I meant that as a joke!). I need someone to calm me and not get tired or irrational over something they might not understand. Just tell me everything is going to be fine and that’s that. It’s the simple act of being there, yet a thing so deeply appreciated I could write an entire novel on it.

Day 6, done! Are you keeping up with the challenge? Are you finding it hard to make time to do daily writing prompts? What are some things that help you? Would love to know!