Day 1: List 10 things that make you really happy.

Today is June 1st! HOW IS IT JUNE FIRST? My stars, this year is racing by, she says, feeling incredibly like she’s in her mid-thirties. ?

Anyway, yesterday I posted the 30 Day June Writing Challenge & so you know what that means: today is DAY ONE. The first of 30 blogs, every. single. day. I think it’s high time to forfeit sleep because I just don’t see how spending 7 hours a night with my brain shut off will benefit the writer in me at all. ponders the health effects of eight 20-minute power naps throughout the day

I digress, as I always do…

  1. Writing. Writing makes me insanely happy; I feel absolute freedom and joy whenever I sit down for an extended period of time and just…write. It’s cathartic, therapeutic and I’d not trade it for any other past time, should I be asked to. I’ve been writing for over twenty years now (!!) and I’ve learned so so much from it: who *I *am, how people respond to my work as a whole and the untameable power it wields. It’s my passion, my calling and I’ll never ever abandon it, so long as I have a healthy mind and a means to express it.
  2. Photography & Projects. Photography has been a part of my life, both personally and professionally, for the better part of half of it. I adore it as a creative outlet, much like writing, and am constantly seeking ways to shoot better, *see *better and understand how it’s so intrinsically important to our everyday lives. Note: I do not mean the selfie, although those are certainly more than a little useful when it comes to personal journeys, etc.
  3. **Reading. **I honestly wish I spent just as much time reading as I do writing, but typically it’s done as I lie in bed at night and my brain is all but exhausted. Unless it’s a burner, and then I can’t put it down until I realize WHY HE DID WHAT HE DID AND WHERE AND WHEN. Ahem. I love reading. On the beach, in a nook, in winter during a snowfall. I’m a basic bitch like that, and I will never be ashamed of it.
  4. Move & TV Show Binge Watching. Okay, I know a ton of us do this these days, what with the Netflix’s and Hulu’s running the world (let’s be real here, Netflix is taking over the industry one show at a time). But I really do genuinely love it. I can blow through a show in a scary quick time as I work and still retain the information and fall in love with it time and again. My favorite is rewatching a show I adore or a series of films that moves me. My daughter is taking on this “rewatching endlessly” trend and though I find it funny, I’m also a bit, “maybe we should go outside and play a bit and leave the shows for nighttime?” ?
  5. Superheroes. These fictional characters have a funny way of driving me to *be better. *They even have a funny way of bringing an insurmountable level of inspiration to either my writing (fanfic) or photography, on occasion. I take their heroics and translate that into my own mentality – which I know sounds a bit loose, but hear me out: I don’t pull the WWSD (what would Superman do?) card in reality all that often but if I’m writing characters that need more depth or courage, I turn to the ultimates to seek an appropriate model. So basically, I’m a huge fan.
  6. True Crime Documentaries/Books, etc. I’d like to say this is a 100% guilty pleasure but several times in my life I was on the path to being a police officer with the end goal of entering the FBI. But life as it goes, things happen and suddenly you’re course is derailed and there’s no going back. But for me, the strange interest towards the dark side of humanity is always a constant – I like watching and reading the most horrible tragedies and to this day, I’m not really sure why. I know I’m not alone as there’s a huge following of this genre (hello, ID Channel) but odd as it sounds, it’s on the “really happy list.”
  7. Fanfiction. This is a no-brainer. I write it, consume it and am a huge snob about it. No, no, stay with me on this. What it comes down to, really, is this: I don’t read crap. Won’t waste my time on it. There are far too many talented writers out there to miss out on their brilliant writing with garbage grammar and speedy “plots.” Ya know, the kind where the characters progress from A-Z in a matter of 1k words. Bleh. Anyway, I love FF and always have. It was my intro into writing all those years ago and has carried on still to this day.
  8. Podcasts/Podcasting. These are insanely popular so it’s no surprise that it ended up on the list. I love working on them – I’m a weekly regular over on Unmistakably Star Wars and it’s the best Star Wars podcast, ever. 😉 I also started a Supernatural-based review podcast (‘Supernatch‘), but have been super lame updating it. Because LIFE. There’s another in the works – really real this time – and I’m so excited about it. Anyway, I love listening to them as well – true crime is probably my favorite genre, followed by a handful of light hearted inspiration-lead pods coming in second place. So be sure to send me your favorites, if you have them!
  9. Exercise. In theory, at least. I definitely love actually exercising; I don’t mind the sweat, the rigor or the pain, it’s just the time that is a drawback. I wish I did heavy workouts daily, but my schedule needs a huge shift to allow for it. I know I *can *and I will, I simply need to overcome that mental barrier of “everyone’s watching my puffy butt as I try to shake it off.” Silly, I know. But it deserves a spot here because I do genuinely enjoy it.
  10. Peanut Butter & Chocolate! It’s no excuse that exercise was #9 and my favorite sweet treat is #10. Because I exercise to eat whatever I want, essentially. Which is not great, since I don’t exercise enough! Anyway, there is no PB&C treat that I won’t give a spin, immediately falling in love with it because how could I not?! It’s like Kryptonite and I’m not ashamed to be *that *girl that professes her affections towards it.

And there is Day 1! This was pretty entertaining – looking forward to tomorrow’s prompt as well. Be sure to link me to your blog if you’re taking this on, as I’d love to give it a read! x