Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you.

I had a lot of people, and even a few non-organics, spring to mind when I saw that this was today’s prompt. But knowing my barometer for guilt, if I choose just *one *from either category, I’d feel as though I’d end up wearing a brown-nose or unintentionally leave out far too many others. So, in keeping true and not feeling like a betraying little b, I’m taking a surprise turn and offering this up: Fandom. Fandom as a whole inspires me continuously – in ways I’m still coming to understand and recognize.

Pause – Of course my daughter is my inspiration to do better in every way, as mother, and as a human being. A is my inspiration for what it means to love and to understand that love and its many changes and evolutions as the years go by. My family inspires me to be better emotionally and hold stronger mentally. + A bushel of brilliant, brilliant artists from all mediums that are simply of the “be still my heart” kind.

But fandom. This collective – all fandoms I’m a part of, by the way – is nothing short of monumental as the outlet for 90% of my creative energy. It fuels me to write better, understand opinions better, judge less, give and receive compassion and support and so on and so on. It’s unlike any other group of friends I’ve ever had; “real” friends (excluding the best ones here) have a funny way of vanishing whenever things don’t fit within their neat pretty boxes and God forbid you cancel once, all seems lost. With Twitter, Instagram, even Facebook sometimes, there exists this charge of “oh, you love this, too? Let’s write a million words side by side about it – for free!” And you bond and chat endlessly and make beautiful things in tandem that are driven by a labor of love. I’ll admit, that’s where I shine. When I’m doing something from a place of passion versus driven by money or a “what can *I *get out of this?” attitude.

& There you have Day 4 – what or who inspires you? 

p.s. I know I broke the rules on this one, but I’d rather feel better about myself at the end of the day, so nyeah.