Day 15: Bullet-point your whole day.

I wasn’t entirely certain as to whether or not this meant my “day-to-day” or like, the specific day I was writing this blog. So, for the sake of being transparent, I’m going with typical everyday. Because I’d rather not post this tomorrow at the moment I go to sleep, as that’d undo my daily blogging and NO THANK YOU, SIR. Or ma’am. Either way, let’s get to an extremely personal day in the life of The Wild Collective…

  • Wake up
  • Bathroom break (teeth and…other stuff)
  • Make Belle breakfast
  • Coffee or tea (decaf because I have a whiny heart)
  • Cereal or breakfast bar
  • Check my email
  • Check my twitter
  • Check my fanfic status/inbox
  • Check my daily planner to see what’s on the schedule/deadlines
  • Crack open the MacBook and start writing
  • Pull my hair out over pesky unworkable sentences
  • Continue writing
  • Me & Orla email, Facebook, twitter check-in
  • Bathroom break
  • Lunch
  • Errands – Post Office–Staples-Target-etc.
  • Home for more writing
  • Gym or outside run
  • Writing
  • Social media check-in
  • Dinner
  • Writing
  • Time with Andrew & Bella (movies, board or cards games, science kits)
  • Shower
  • Social media
  • Fanfic inbox check
  • Bathroom break
  • Set alarms on phone (I’m a snoozer)
  • Go to bed
  • Read in bed
  • Read more in bed
  • Sleep

This is a typical day while Bella is in school – it will change now that she’s home, but yeah, basically writing, social media and work. Not too exciting, all things considered. Also, went with a weekday versus the weekend, as shoot days never ever follow any sort of pattern.

Day 15: Complete! Halfway done! What does your day look like?