Day 18: Post 30 facts about yourself.

Goodness, I feel like this will end up being a list of me trying to find 30 semi-interesting things to tell whoever is reading this, and who knows, it could be good? I don’t know, it just feels like I might end up stretching it and I apologize ahead of time. Despite spending the last 33+ years with me, I’m still learning all sorts of new things – some good, some not so good. But I’ll list them here all the same.

Let’s do this…

  1. I love to write – shocking, I know!
  2. I’ve been a wedding & portrait photographer since 2010.
  3. I’ve been reading/writing fanfiction across multiple fandoms since I was 12 years old. Possibly younger, but memory?
  4. I once self-taught myself how to play the bass guitar. I only learned two songs: The Beatles’ “Love Me Do” & Marilyn Manson’s “Dope Show.”
  5. I’ve never been married but have been engaged for 5.5 years.
  6. I love playing video games – Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls & Fallout 4 are my top 3. Uncharted series favorite as well.
  7. I’m an Apple/Playstation 4/Nikon girl.
  8. I used to drink A LOT but rarely even have a sip over the last 8 years. Coincidentally, I have an 8 year old. Hmm.
  9. I obsess over movies & tv shows. Actors, OTPs and such.
  10. The Beatles are my favorite band of all time.
  11. I’ve seen Paul Mccartney in concert twice. Hoping to see him at least 3 more times.
  12. Karma is a real, real thing and it comes around at its own pace.
  13. I’ve passionately wanted to pursue careers in the following fields: Oceanography, Criminal Justice and Writing. I’ve also come inches away from joining the U.S. Marines, U.S. Army & the Philadelphia Police Dept. Something *happened *every single time that prevented me from going through with it. Some were excuses, others actual acts of God.
  14. I love reading but set lofty goals I almost never accomplish. It makes me sad.
  15. I’m perpetually my own worst enemy, despite the fact that I have actual enemies. Which also sucks.
  16. I had no idea I was pregnant when I was pregnant. No signs or symptoms whatsoever. Took *seven *tests and every single one came out positive. She was unexpected but very much wanted. 🙂
  17. I once did gymnastics – I miss it everyday still and I only did it for a short amount of time. #abs
  18. I played volleyball for Penn State – but not on their actual team. I was part of the “pre-game” home shows. I played alongside my best friends, an ex boyfriend, and so of course we had the most amazing time together.
  19. I’ve attended 2 colleges, 3 times – no degrees yet.
  20. Superman is my favorite superhero.
  21. I’m a sap for Nicholas Sparks movies. …The Best of Me? Uh, try All of My Tears. Thanks, Nic.
  22. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite film.
  23. I write angsty, heartbreaking stories and I’m not really certain as to why. I’m happy 98% of the time and yet, that’s where my muse takes me.
  24. I also write some seriously salacious fics, and have this dream to one day turn it into a secret career. #yallfilthy
  25. An ultimate life goal? Own 2 horses. Or really, be owned by 2 horses, because they choose us, remember.
  26. I’d love to live half of the year in the mountains and the other half on a beach. I know of a photographer who has this life, too, so it’s not a completely unrealistic goal.
  27. I’m afraid of not being good enough in all ways. With friends, jobs, relationships – have been like this for as long as I can remember. Not sure where it began. Probably my first boyfriend (15 years old) who was verbally abusive in the worst way. I don’t blame him anymore because, why, but it’s hard to change a part of yourself that’s been alive and well for more than half your life!
  28. Was published in a literary magazine when I was 14 years old. That has been the first and only time I’ve ever been officially published. So far.
  29. Disney. Owns. Me. And I am okay with that.
  30. If you take 1 thing at a time, truly focus and put all of yourself into a thing, actual magic happens.

P H E W. There we go. Hope that isn’t 30 lines of ‘who gives af’ & that maybe, just maybe you learned something new about yours truly in all that.