A couple of weeks ago, while pinning pretty flowers and styled scenes over on Pinterest, I stumbled upon this image and my heart SOARED..

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You see, I have this love affair with sea foam greens and mints – it’s uncontrollable and almost impossible for me to restrain my love, really. So it’s no surprise that whenever I see something purchasable that bares these colors, I’m a lost cause. I need to own it.

This soap was no exception. But added bonus: after following the Pinterest post to the company’s website, I read about it’s ingredients and lovely eucalyptus scent (which is its name!). Right then and there I died and went straight to Paypal heaven without a modicum of hesitation. And really, $8 is absolutely brilliant when it comes to artisan ANYTHING, let alone a soap that lasts and lasts and well, you know.

I bought it, it was shipped ridiculously fast and I showered with my pretty-pretty new soap that night.

Official* Review time: People – THIS SOAP IS DREAMY. The scent is all-encompassing but not overbearing, inviting a perfect balance of relaxation and calm to end your day. Also, I use it directly on my skin versus lathering up a washcloth or loofa, and the product gets to be just the right amount of foamy, which I adore.

And it lingers. I’ll say that again…the eucalyptus aroma lingers for a good long while post-shower. Pause: can I get a YAAAAS? Because that is how I feel every time I catch a hint of it emanating from me during the day.

And let’s be honest here, a lot of soaps, sugar scrubs and gels don’t really tend to last beyond the toweling-off stage, which sucks. Yes, I said it, that sucks! But I will also say with quality-tested confidence, that this product lasts! Now, don’t get me wrong, eventually the delicious hints of Australia do fade over time; despite crossing every finger and toe, it’s not a miracle bar of soap that leaves you everlastingly fresh. #wah

But it does make you feel everlastingly fresh, and that’s one of my favorite things about this product. Aside from its color and texture and foamy goodness and…you get it.

In closing, my suggestions to you? Indulge, treat yourself (cue: Parks gif*), splurge…just buy this soap! I will definitely be scooping up a few more slices of this dreambar alongside picking out a basket-full of various others in the near future.

Here’s a few shots I did pre-wash, because again THAT COLOR and the packaging. AND the mini freebie my first purchase came with. swoons

Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium? You’ve earned a loyal customer for life! x

Not really official, but from my point of view it’s as official as it gets!*

  • Tommy Haverford knows what’s good.