It's July 2nd! That means it's time for the second writing prompt, which is: Your Earliest Memory!

This blog will be a bit shorter than the first, and likely overall, mainly due to the fact that early early memories aren't as vivid and clear as they might have once been. We remember more about how we felt in that specific moment rather than the details of said moment.

And so for me, it was when I was around 2 years old, learning to swim in the "deep end" of a pool. A little background history first: My parents were the sort that enjoyed having get-togethers and parties with their best friends and families fairly often on the weekends, and this recollection takes place during one of those "happening times."

We were spending a hot summer day at my dad's best friends house – a man named Gene who passed away in the early 90's, which is another memory for a different time. Anyway, mom dad, Gene and Woogie (Gene's wife's nickname, of which I have zero idea as to what it means...even to this day) and a few other folks were sitting by the pool, having a few drinks, listening to The Beatles (always) and singing along.

While they were trying their very hardest to harmonize with Lennon and McCartney, I removed my "floaties" (the inflatable rings you slide onto children's biceps), trotted and snuck away towards the 9' deep end of the in-ground pool and....jumped in. And then started swimming like I'd been doing it all two years of my life.

I remember that the underwater pool light was on already, as the sun had almost set and the sky was purple and blue and a faded pink. I remember being so proud and sure of myself. All two years (and 2.5' of me) floating on my back, actually appreciating the colors above and my accomplishments – truly.

Eventually my mom noticed I wasn't in the shallow end and ran over in a panic, but found me killing it treading water and then laughed and sat on the edge to enjoy the sight. "That's our Jackie!" is what they would say a lot in those moments. I'm not sure what that means, but I like it still.

In hindsight, this is the moment where I discovered that leaps of faith are always worth it and to believe in myself. Also, to watch kids with an insanely tentative eye because damn, my parents had no clue what I was up to until well after I could have drowned. To be fair, I was always in pools and swimming and I'm sure they had no doubt I'd be fine, but still. Keep 'em peeled, parents.

Overall? I love that that's my first real memory.

Day 2/31* = Complete!

*July has 31 days, and while the prompt only lists 30, I'm going to throw in a surprise 31st on that last day!

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