Nothing too fancy this day around, so let's list 'em and get on with it!

  1. I wore corrective shoes when I was a child because my right foot was bent inward when I was born. No troubles at all these days because the shoes did their job.
  2. Absolutely love video games. If I could do nothing but video games and podcasting my entire life and make a decent living, I would. If anyone knows how or can guide me, I'll bake you cookies for a month.
  3. Photography is my main job – weddings and lifestyle. It's fun but very challenging and I think often of giving it up, and yet...
  4. I can only drink decaf coffee. After having my daughter, my entire system revolts against caffeine and my heart literally feels like it'll explode. So do me a favor and screw off with your 'decaf isn't coffee' shit comments, mkay?
  5. Fanfic! I live and breathe fanfiction. I've been writing it since I was 12 and it will never ever get old. FF is, usually, better than the original content it's based on. ....I said what I said.
  6. Passionate! I'm extremely passionate when it comes to the people and things I love. I'm relentless and enjoy any opportunity to grab the bullhorn to share my passions whenever and wherever I possibly can.
  7. Podcasts! I adore podcasts! I have several, some in need of desperate updates, others that are put out on a weekly basis, but I love 'em all. Listening, creating, producing, you name it.
  8. I can't watch gruesome horror. Anything with zombies or viscera is a no-go for me. Zombies are dumb as hell but also beyond disgusting to the highest nth. So no, I've never seen and never will see The Walking Dead. Move along.
  9. A few things that will never get old: Sunrises, sunsets, fireworks, beaches and the ocean, mountains, looking out of airplane windows and taking a ton of photos the entire time. Wrapping my arms around the people I love. Decaf coffee with hazelnut creamer. Peppermint tea. Chocolate. Game of Thrones. Stranger Things. Okay okay, you get it. There's a lot.
  10. Broken loyalty is the only reason I ever leave or leave someone behind. Lying is right up there, broken trust, too, but loyalty is where my soul feels safe. And if that's ever compromised, nothing will ever be the same again and all the others happen as a direct domino effect. If I know you're disloyal, I can't trust you, I won't believe you, I'm gone. I'm flippant and forgiving on a lot, but not that.

And there we go! Whether they are interesting or not is up to you, but truly, it was difficult trying to think of ten things and so I was sat here, with what I'd assume was a goofy face, for the last thirty minutes doing my best.

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Day 4/31 = Complete!

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