This one is a bit ...boring for me, but not because I don't enjoy pondering about these types of hypotheticals from time to time but because I'm the sort that fantasizes about living everywhere. Or some places. At least once, I mean.

From California to Colorado, from Oregon to Maine, I imagine a grand old time going from place to place and enjoying being where I was at any given moment. Of course this is all said as the type who always looks to see what's next on the horizon versus living in the here and now, but trust, the idea of living elsewhere is always appealing!

Change is good, even when it hurts. We grow, we expand, we meet new people, we lose people, too, but ultimately we find our way back to ourselves through and always with change. And at the end of the day, we are what we have to look after most. Then everything else is able to fall in line. The way we care for others, for our families, our children and friends. It's a delicate balance and one often sought and seldom found, but it's obtainable.

And if you are the rare bird that has discovered the secret, please contact me as soon as humanly possibly because I'm HERE and waiting to learn all the magic. answer the blog prompt, there's no one specific place, to be honest. Everywhere and anywhere? I haven't been many places so how about you choose one and I'll let you know if it's on the "yeah, I'd live there," list!

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Day 5/31 = Complete!

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